Business Finland is the Finnish innovation fund which is run by the government. They help fund and accelerate startups as well as prepare them for internationalisation.

VALEGA Chain Analytics was the first company of its kind to be granted the funding by Business Finland and also the first in the Nordics.

Business Finland have been instrumental in the development of the product we provide and we as a team are happy to see Finland being frontrunners in the Nordics when it comes to the development of compliance tools towards the digital currency sector and AML processes.

Sven Martinsson, VALEGA Chain Analytics CEO

Fintech Finland is a neutral, non profit organization created to boost Fintech services in Finland and help Fintech companies grow internationally.

They arrange network events and mentoring. They cooperate with Fintech, Banks and Insurance companies as well as regulators to create a leading Fintech Hub in Finland.

For us at VALEGA Chain Analytics, their work is of utter importance. As we strive to promote the healthy growth, trust and stability in the compliance sector, we see our inclusion in the organization as fundamental to keep the other members always up to date when it comes to the work we do ourselves. This is important not only for the traditional financial services but also towards the future of digital currencies. It helps to bring the entire digital currency industry in Finland to the discussion table with key stakeholders.

Sven Martinsson, VALEGA Chain Analytics CEO