Valega Chain Analytics

About us

Valega Chain Analytics have made it easier for everyone to analyze and prevent illegal activities in crypto and blockchain related transactions.

Governments, financial institutions and companies have had to oppose many Blockchain related innovations and implementations due to the alleged anonymity and the risks involved in Blockchain transactions.

By offering both corporate and private customers an easy-to-use compliance tool, which analyses the data in monetary transactions, we will promote greater transparency and security within the Blockchain. This will, in turn, lead to greater innovations and trustworthy adoption of Blockchain technology worldwide.

What we do

Visuals are always more effective than just the written words. A simple picture was not enough so Valega created a really cool explainer video. Thanks for watching!

What we offer

Valega Chain Analytics offers tools to analyze transactions, allowing partners (businesses and private) to search for a specific transaction or address. This is analyzed against the data contained within our extensive database to see if it has been involved in any form of fraud or other illegal activities as money laundering

The result is given in the form of green (no suspicious activities), yellow (suspicious activities) or red (illegal or suspicious activities), among other relevant data. This makes trading with crypto more reliable and safe.

Please feel free to try our analysis tool. For enterprise solutions please contact us for more details. Thanks.