About us

Established in 2018, VALEGA Chain Analytics specializes in conducting financial fraud and compliance investigations.

Headquartered in Finland, we have earned a solid reputation for our proficiency in the field of cryptocurrency-related fraud and forensic analysis.

What we offer

VALEGA Chain Analytics has not only refined its expertise in digital currency fraud but has also expanded its services to offer comprehensive financial compliance solutions through our business intelligence service, which includes:

Who we are

Sven Martinsson

Sven Martinsson LinkedIn

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sven Gustav Martinsson was born in Brazil to a Swedish family. After studies at British School in Rio and SSHL in Sweden he continued with studies in Uppsala, Stockholm and Cuzco ending up with a BA in Developing Economies at Lund University. Sven has made most part of his career in the digital industry as a representative for both Sweden and Norway with Helsinki as his home base. He is fluent in English, Swedish and Portuguese.

Jonathan Pallares

Jonathan Pallares LinkedIn

Founder & Sales Director

Jonathan Pallares was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Sweden at a young age where he has lived most of his life. During his career as an Investment banker based in Helsinki, he has been involved in several International projects and transactions. He is fluent in Swedish, English and Spanish.

Jens Herzog

Jens Herzog LinkedIn

Chief Financial Officer

Jens was born in Germany. He moved to Finland where he studied at Aalto University and graduated as a Master of Business Administration. During his career Jens has been working side by side with startup companies and their internationalization projects. He has also been involved in International and cross-border transactions. He is fluent in English and German.

Jorge Santos

Jorge Santos LinkedIn

Chief Technology Officer

Jorge Santos was born in Portugal, Porto and at an early age fell in love with the digital world. With a solid background in software development and mathematics, he worked in the healthcare software industry for almost a decade, before moving to Finland. Soon after discovering cryptocurrencies and its technology, he developed a passion for investigations and the development of methods to expose illicit activities. He has vast experience to plan, manage and execute software product developments.

Mark Yudin

Mark Yudin LinkedIn

Lead Forensic Investigator

Mark has been a part of the IT sector since middle school. He has worked in various fields, from hardware repair to system administration to graphic design. He is experienced in machine learning, A.I. digital currency analysis, Blockchain development. He is a solid and professional full stack developer with a special taste for crypto currencies.

Quentin Faidide

Quentin Faidide LinkedIn

Microservice Developer & Data Scientist

Quentin was born in Grenoble, France. These last years, he has been building intensive data-oriented microservice software while studying for a mathematics and computer science master's degree from Grenoble University.