Blockchain benefits

Data credibility

When data is added to the Blockchain, it will remain in the network forever, meaning that it cannot be altered or removed

Improved traceability

Historical transaction data helps verify the authenticity of assets and prevent fraud thus increasing transparency and trust

Improve client trust

The trust, transparency and encryption embedded in Blockchain based systems are a leap into better and more trustworthy customer relationships

Valega Chain Analytics proposal

Valega Chain Analytics offers tools to analyze transactions or addresses, allowing partners (businesses and private) to discover if a specific transaction or address has been involved in any form of fraudulent or other illegal activities such as money laundering, trafficking or financing of terrorism



Simple and easy web APIs (REST) allow developers to easily integrate Valega Chain Analytics services into their systems

Cloud Infrastructure

Our modular, cloud-optimized architecture is enterprise-grade for scalability, performance and reliability

Data collection

Our network is constantly expanding allowing us to better track money laundering and other illicit activities. Our sentinels are constantly finding and integrating data