Decentralized data graphs to help monitor and investigate transactions

The Valega Platform includes the Pathfinder, a visualization set of data transaction data graphs. With Real Time Tracking and Historical Pattern Visualizations, your organization can reach a deeper understanding of Blockchain Networks.

  • Conduct investigations: Pathfinder allows you to conduct automated live investigations. Information can be shared between users in the Platform, creating an environment in which organizations can easily cooperate and coordinate forensic investigations.
  • Track asset flows: With the Pathfinder, your company can access non-tangible data. The tool tracks and compiles transaction statistics such as the current amount of money in a given account or wallet, and the historical records associated with it. It also shows you to which wallet/address the biggest amount of money went so you can follow its trail.
  • Automate risk assessment: The automated, real time, assessment function of the Valega Platform generates colored graphs based on the risks posed by each transaction, giving you an easy overview of the network monitored. You can also customize transactions with the different parameters required for your own assessments.

Watch a demo

Watch a demo

See how Valega Chain Analytics Pathfinder allows to conduct automated live investigations

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