Realtime risk monitor


Valega Chain Analytics Realtime Risk Monitor helps partners to discover if a specific transaction or address has been involved in any form of fraudulent or other illegal activities such as money laundering (AML), trafficking or financing of terrorism (CFT).

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and it is crucial for companies to have a strong control.

The risk of regulatory action or reputational damage can be mitigated if every transaction is analyzed and validated. No more surprises, no more excuses.

Transaction and addresses are analyzed against the data contained within our extensive network to see if it has been involved in any form of fraud or other illegal activities as money laundering. The result is given in the form of risk factor, among other relevant data.

This makes trading with digital currencies more reliable and safer.

Risk factor

  • 1 (no suspicious activities)
  • 2 (suspicious activities)
  • 3 (illegal or suspicious activities)


Realtime Risk Monitor is supported by Valega Network.

Sentinels are constantly finding and integrating data into Valega Network, allowing companies to better track money laundering and other illicit activities. Partners can report transactions and addresses while contributing to the network growth.

Realtime Risk Monitor allows easy and quick integration with any data systems for real time monitorization.

Valega Chain Dashboard is an intuitive control center, allowing professionals to access analysis data, detailed reports and other useful tools.

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