Forensic report


Valega Chain Analytics Forensic Report provides partners with a clear and in-depth investigation about cryptocurrency-based illicit activities. It provides a digital evidence which can link digital identities to real-world profiles. This is important when trying to filter out any form of fraudulent activities such as money laundering (AML), trafficking or financing of terrorism (CFT).

Valega Chain Analytics delivers not only the tools, but also a team of forensic crypto experts. It is sometimes challenging for companies to have expert teams ready to investigate crypto crimes, with all the integrity, authenticity, and auditability which a digital evidence inquiry requires. We understand this and we want to help.

In time, The Valega Network will be able to provide the same kind of information and service towards financial institutions, globally.


Forensic Report is supported by Valega Network.

Sentinels are constantly finding and integrating data into Valega Network, allowing companies to better track money laundering and other illicit activities. Partners can report transactions and addresses while contributing to the network growth.

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