Enhanced Due Diligence

Forensic resources to deliver enhanced due diligence information

Valega forensic team is available to help your organization with the necessary expertise in order to respond to cyber incidents and provide Enhanced Due Diligence information on Virtual Assets. We can almost be seen in your organization as part of your own Blockchain forensics team.

  • Enhanced due diligence: Valega is able to provide data for a Source of Wealth due diligence check on customers with larger quantities of crypto assets as well as provide means to easily check Proof of Funds when needed.
  • Court-worthy data material: Our forensics team has the ability to produce court worthy non-tangible data and extensive due diligence reports for legal representatives.
  • Thorough investigation methods for Blockchains: Our team uses state-of-the-art tools, built in-house, to navigate Big Data on the blockchain to provide qualitative data for various purposes.

Watch a demo

Watch a demo

See how Valega Chain forensic solutions handles cyber incidents

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